What To Look For In A High Quality Wood Furniture

Buying a furniture is a tricky business. You can always identify stains, scratches and rips on the furniture with a naked eye, but you can never determine whether the furniture you’re buying would last for a year or ten years, unless you have special knowledge about it. Thanks to some of the best modern furniture stores Toronto, we have managed to create a checklist of the essential items to make sure in a furniture before buying it.


Composition of Wood Furniture

Don’t be confused with the names. Hardwood isn’t hard and softwoods isn’t soft. Hardwood means that the wood is belongs to deciduous tree, while softwood is a part of coniferous tree. In fact, some hardwoods, such as aspen, are much softer than softwoods. What you should be looking in a furniture that the wood at the exposed surface must be scratch-resistant.

  • Structurally, a plywood or solid wood will pass the scratching test. If it’s a plywood then it must have 9 layers.
  • Always check the whole furniture wood for knots, from the inside to the outside. These knots are vulnerable to cracks.
  • Don’t choose pine for furniture because it’s knottier than other woods. Similarly, furniture made of fiberboard, pressed wood or particleboard must be avoided.
  • In comparison, look for veneers, which is a thin layer of high quality wood that covers lower-quality wood. Veneer is a sign of quality, but make sure the lower-quality wood must be of plywood or solid wood.

Construction of Wood Furniture

If you’re looking for a wood furniture in a Furniture Shop Toronto, ask for a furniture with joint construction. It’s a sign of quality furniture. On the other hand, nails, glue and staples mean that the construction is shoddy.


Three kinds of joints include:

  • Dowels – wooden pegs slotted into two opposing holes,
  • Mortise-and-tenon – narrowed end of one piece inserted into a hole in the other
  • Dovetail – interlocking squarish ‘teeth’


  • If the space between drawers has a thin sheet of wood, that would be great, because it improves the strength of the furniture and protects the content in a drawer.
  • Gliding of drawers must be smooth and they must have stops to prevent pulling the entire drawer out accidentally.
  • Good drawers always have a little space between the bottom and sides, to allow small expansion or contraction in the wood, due to weather change.


  • The corner of the base must not squeak or twist. You can inspect it by lifting the furniture at one corner.
  • Make sure all the legs of the furniture touch the floor, to maintain proper balance.
  • You can see if the furniture wobbles or rocks, by pressing it on the corners.

Upholstered Furniture

For a new furniture, the density of the seat foam must be 1.8 pounds or more. Take a look inside the seat cover if the cushion is removable. If it has a dacron cotton wrapped on a foam, furniture has a high quality. On labels and tags, look for these signs

  • W – for water-based cleaner
  • X – for vacuum only
  • S – for solvent-based cleaner

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