Useful Tips on How to Buy Artcarved Jewellery

If you have been a usual buyer of precious and authentic jewelry, for sure, you know the standard in buying them. Diamonds, for instance have standards of quality in its 4Cs. For other gemstones, they as well have their unique standards. If you do not know about their standards, learn to walk around and give it a time to ask questions on jewelers.


Here are some tips you can take note when purchasing for artcarved jewelry.

  • Learn how to find the real gem. There are 3 things to need to know about precious stones. This is their categories namely synthetic, natural and imitation. Synthetic gems are a product of skilled jewelry makers in the lab. Natural gemstones are dug out of the ground while the imitations are made from China. Avoid these imitation stones for they do not have value. They are nothing but colored pieces of plastic. Whenever buying for artcarved jewelry, go for the natural. However, since they are as well naturally too expensive, you can stick with synthetic stones. Synthetic stones are not bogus, they are only grown and enhance in laboratories.
  • Always ask the jeweler to elaborate terms you are not familiar with and you do not understand. Once you see a gem that is very expensive, it is imperative to ask about its grading report or GIA certificate. Some of the gemstones that need certification are rubies, sapphires and emeralds for there are immense kinds of such gems being replicated in laboratories which even a reputable jeweler might not be aware of it.  With a certificate, you simply discover the authenticity of a gem.
  • In some fine jewelry stores, there may be a certified gemologist. This gemologist is qualified to certify gems. He or she has trained and passed the stiff course in detecting and certifying gems. Hence, in case of doubt about a certain gem, gemologists and GIA reports must be made available for you.
  • The color and type of lighting are vital whenever shopping for Artcarved jewelry. For instance, a blue light can affect the gem color. If you do not want to be deceived by beautiful lightings in artcarved jewelry stories, you need to see the gem under regular or daylight lighting. Examine all angles of the gem and move it from one side to another.
  • Regardless of whether you would like to shop offline or online, you must be vigilant in order to avoid being swindled. If you choose to shop at the online stores, see if they have the certified mark known as SSL. With this feature, this means your confidential transaction details remain in good hands. A good jewelry site always updates their pictures, buyer’s review, stock details and other essential information on a daily basis. This gives to the advantage to see latest designs and to compare prices of competing stores.

With these tips in mind, you can shop with relief. You are now sure of how to handle yourself once you see shining shimmering and splendid artcarved jewelry. You will not be easily drawn on buying stunning jewelry without completely knowing its authenticity and naturalism. See some of best sellers here at

About the Author: Sharon Kemp

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