Why Traveling is Good for Your Health

Feeling run down lately? Is the pressure of life getting to you? Are you so stressed that you just want to crumble up and disappear. If you are feeling run-down and wasting away than it might be time to take some time and get away. Traveling can not only be fun but it could be good for your health as well. If you are one of the many who spend countless hours in front of a screen than this could be one of the factors leading to your high stress levels. According Psychology Today, too much time spend in front of a screen (computer, tablets, smartphone, TV, etc.) can do serious harm to your brain. Researchers have discovered a possible link between too much time spent in front of a screen and lacking in brain’s function and structure. And here you thought the kids were to blame for your stress. Us News said that traveling is good for your health in that you are able to not just get away but to recharge both physically and emotionally. You also tend to want to exercise more when you are away from home as well as spend more time chilling rather than the running around that you do day in and day out.

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About the Author: Sharon Kemp

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