Reaping Full Benefit of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Do you think your dermatologist is the person responsible for everything related to your laser hair removal treatment? We are sorry that you are only partially right. Surely, the dermatologist is the person who would be doing the treatment. But, you too have to play a crucial role in the successful completion of your laser hair removal treatment.

Here, we are sharing some tips to ensure that you reap the full benefit of your laser hair removal treatment. Before we get on with the tips, here is our two cents, If you are anywhere near Miami, performing searches like body details Miami can help you get in-touch with the right people. Because they use the latest laser techniques and take cares of the patient’s’ comfort.

Let us not beat around the bush any more. Here are the tips:

Make sure the treatment is right for you – Don’t decide at once that you will get the hair removal treatment after seeing other getting it. Make sure that the treatment is good for you because not everybody gets to benefit from a laser treatment. Talking about the simple rule of thumb – laser works best on dark hairs and light skin. So, if you don’t have dark hairs, consider getting a suggestion from an expert. Further women with polycystic ovaries or another hormonal disease generally do not get benefit from laser hair removal. If you are undergoing some medication that can cause photosensitivity then you can get serious burns with laser treatment.

Consider taking a patch test – When you consult a good hair removal expert you’ll be suggested to take a patch test before the actual treatment is initiated. But, if the technician does not suggest you the test, ask to have it done yourself. Patch tests are the best thing to decide how your skin will react to the treatment. If the technician seems skeptical about the test or is overconfident then you should see this as a red flag.

Avoid sun tan – Once it is decided that you are the right candidate for laser hair removal treatment start preparing for the appointment day. The first and foremost thing you need to do is avoiding burning your skin in sun 6-weeks before the treatment. If you get a laser treatment with a tanned skin, you’ll get burns and blisters.

Don’t pluck hairs from the root – Roots of the hairs are targeted and damaged by the laser during the laser hair removal treatment. If you pluck your hairs by root the dermatologist will not get a root to target and the hair will grow back after sometimes. So, don’t wax, bleach or pluck your hairs 6-weeks prior to the treatment. You can shave them because shaving removes only the part above the skin.

Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior to the appointment – Like any other surgery and treatment, your body needs to stay calm during the laser treatment. And, caffeine makes you agitated and tense. So, don’t sip tea, coffee or any other caffeinated drinks.

Shave the area to be treated a day before – When you shave your hairs the actually enters their active growing stage. And this is the stage of hairs the laser treatment professionals can better target at. So, shaving before the laser treatment is an integral part of the whole process.

Clean your skin before going for treatment – The laser treatment opens your pores and makes skin more vulnerable during the treatment. If your skin is not clean you may develop infection or irritation. Make sure you shower with a gentle cleaner before going for the treatment. Don’t put moisturizer or any other makeup on your skin before the treatment.

Avoid sun after the treatment – As you needed to avoid the sun for 6-weeks before the treatment, in the same manner, you need to avoid it afterward. You know your skin becomes sensitive after the treatment. So, avoid the sun to avoid any complication in the treatment process. You will again need to avoid the sun for 6-weeks after the treatment.

Don’t panic when you see your hairs growing – The laser hair removal is not like any temporary hair removing technique in which hairs are removed then and there. Shortly after the treatment, you’ll see your hairs making their way out of the follicles. This may seem that hairs are growing rapidly. Within 10-14 days you’ll see that the hair starts falling out. Don’t try to pluck, wax or do anything to pull out the hairs forcibly. Let them fall naturally.

Arrange for the follow-up treatment – Not every hair will be targeted in a single phase so stay prepared for multiple follow-ups. The hairs that did not fall off still have alive roots that need to be damaged in the following sessions. Remember, that you need to follow every step for each of the session with a dermatologist.

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