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Real Simple Magazine is one of the most popular magazines that ValueMags distributes. It is a lifestyle magazine that is directed towards modern and contemporary women between the ages of 25 and 40. Whether these women are single, married, have children, or not, the magazine tells women how to take a complex issue and break it down into something easy that is stress-free. The writers of this magazine are mostly women that offer clear and to the point suggestions for cooking, dressing, organizing, decoration, and entertaining. These writers all write off of research but primarily personal experiences. Often times when women think they are alone in a situation, it is likely that most other women have experienced something similar or at least have been made to feel the same way.

Female employees at ValueMags, the marketing and distribution company for this magazine will back their content and overall concept. Learning how to simplify complex situations is not only a skill needed for business related situations but personal ones as well. Women tend to get more stressed in personal situations while men tend to get more stressed in business related situations. Whether this is true for you or not, complex situations can get emotional. Although the magazine is promoted as a materialistic organizational advice magazine, the advice goes beyond organization your house. The advice provided is a reader-driven magazine that will empower readers. ValueMags knows from previous clients that the magazines that survive as the ones that are reader-driven and empowering. They are the ones that are relatable and the ones were readers get a say in what information comes in the following issue. In it’s simplest form, since we are keeping things simple, big giving the people that keep the magazine alive what they want, they keep coming back for more.

When magazines like Real Simple Magazine listen to their readers, magazines are more likely to be profitable in a slowly dying market. Because everything is begin digitalized include ValueMags with their mobile platform, it takes a special magazine to keep readers wanting a print copy. For more simplistic lifestyle advice, contact ValueMags for an issue subscription.

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