How To “Read” People With The Help Of Body Language

A good partner does not only have a good behavior, a confident attitude, but a whole series of positive characteristics. Therefore, let your intuition and observations lead you towards the right person for you. Fusion Events is one of the best wedding planner companies in the area.

Relationship with food

There is a very thin line between food and passion, so when you go out to lunch with someone, pay attention to how that person eats.

Whether we are aware of this or not, we should pay attention to the way our potential partner eats because that says a lot about his manners and how he was raised. It’s no wonder that many of the first meetings are scheduled at a restaurant. As soon as you see that someone is not ready to share a meal with you, you should know that the person is selfish.

Speech Mode

Do you want an energetic or passive person by your side? If you prefer an energetic person, choose men who speak energetically and passionately, and not those who make it difficult to even start a conversation with them. The deeper the male voice is, the partner is more attractive and more sensual to the ladies, while lower and softer tones are emitted by less passionate people. The rhythm of speech is an important indicator as well. Pay close attention to these things.

When a man talks quickly, he gives the same impression as a guy who is uncoordinated. And that means he cannot make you happy. You should also know that the one who talks too much or is often confused as he speaks, mostly has a problem with listening to other people and doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions or feelings.

An expert on non-verbal communication says that a deeper, harsh voice is a characteristic of a good partner, which women are proud of. A monotone voice without changing the tonality and expression of the face, is the opposite – a boring partner.

Body language

The way a man is walking, running or dancing, reveals what you can expect from him.

He does not have to be a perfect dancer to make sure he’s a good person. But if you notice that he completely misses the rhythm, pinches you while you stand and walk, in principle there is no capacity to establish a good relationship with that person. We cannot lie that it does not matter to us that we have a partner that harmonically moves hands and feet while walking or dancing.

A good dancer is a winning combination. But, if he exaggerates with some movements to attract attention, it indicates that he is egocentric, who is not really capable of giving much to the partner since they are only focused on themselves.

Believe it or not, but you can learn so many things just from the movement of a person. Make sure you follow these things carefully.

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