New Addiction Treatments Approved By FDA In 2017-18

2018 is a year of new beginnings with fresh 365 days to work on. If you are an addict and want to get rid of this addiction you have plenty of new options today. The best way to get yourself treated is to work on yourself and get your control back to lead a better and successful life ahead.

FDA approved a number of new drugs for the treatment of drug addiction in 2017-18 and these drugs are expected to show wonders. All quality addiction treatment centers are adopting these new treatments and the results are excellent. Let us have a look at some of these new addiction treatments approved by FDA in 2017-18.

New Addiction Treatments Approved by FDA in 2017-18:

It is important to know your options when it comes to addiction treatment and as several new treatments are approved by FDA, you have plenty of new options as well. Below are listed some of the new addiction treatments approved by FDA:

  1. Probuphine:

Where pills can work wonderfully for the treatment of drug addiction but sometimes patients forget to take their regular dosage which makes it difficult for them to recover from their addiction. Probuphine is an implant which is placed inside the skin of a forearm that provides a constant supply of low level dosage for six months to the patients who are on a complete treatment program. The benefit of these implants is that the patients do not have to worry about taking pills regularly.

  1. Methadone and Buprenorphine

These two drugs always work wonderfully when it comes to treating drug addiction like opioid addiction but the demerit of these drugs is that it still makes the body physically dependent on them. So it is best to choose some other options for the treatment of drug addiction.

  1. Zubsolv:

Zubsolv is a new wonder drug approved by FDA for the treatment of drug addiction. It comes in menthol flavor and easily dissolves under the tongue. It can be used as a maintenance treatment and shows excellent results when combined with psychosocial support and counselling. It works perfectly for reducing opioid dependence.

  1. Sublocade:

Sublocade is the new injectable form of buprenorphine which is recently approved by FDA. Sublocade is only needed once a month to treat drug addiction and so the injectable can be taken at exact timings. However it is recommended for the treatment of ongoing maintenance of opioid dependence and not for detoxification.

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