Lebron James : Another Sports Icon With A Body Beyond Compare

When we talk of basketball, it is wrong to talk about the exciting sport without any mention of its star player LeBron James. His name ranks high on the list of the hot favorite basketball players of all times, and rightfully so. Though there is huge fan following of King James that claims to know about him, the truth is that most people merely know him as an ace basket ball player who left his mark in each and every team that he played for. Currently, LeBron James plays for Cleveland Cavaliers, and as expected, he showcases a lot more than his skills on the hardwood floors.

One of the many facts that have kept James in the news is  his personal life. Be it the true stories about Lebron James wife or posts from the many others that keep inspiring him on  a day to day basis, there is a lot of banter buzzing around.

LeBron James : His Spouse and Partner

Every successful man is backed by woman and Lebron James is no different. The hot and favored NBA star King is happily married to Savannah Brinson, his sweetheart from high school. He had  proposed to her at a blissful New Year’s Eve – 31st, December 2011. After two  years plus of courtship, James and Savannah were announced man and wife at their wedding ceremony in San Diego on September 14, 2013.

Along with  his millions of fans, the followers of celebrity weight and height have been tracking his happy marital life since the time he tied the knot. However, very few would know that LeBron’s high school mate and he were together for over 12 years before they exchanged their wedding vows. So far, they are the blessed parents of three children; one daughter and two sons. Even before they hitched officially, LeBron had two sons with her. Once married, they had a daughter to bring the tally to an awesome threesome. Unlike most other power couples, the duo has succeeded in keeping their relationship alive and kicking; right from their high school days.

Tall, good-looking, athletic and handsome, James LeBron has supported Brinson’s occupation in the fashion industry and helped her grow over time. A true African American family man and a sportsman beyond compare, LeBron James has built an impressive career and a great name for himself!

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