What Happened To The Shirt Pocket?

The slim fit has been gaining popularity but the traditional style of shirts with pocket is not totally out from the market.


The shift away from pocket shirts is due to theslim fits and luxury brands becoming a larger part of men’s business wear too.

Shirt pockets are essentially where fashion meets function. They add definition to your shape, and they’re a convenient place to stash or hang your sunglasses.

We can find this segment of clothing on TATA CLiQLuxury, Darvey’, Elitify to name just a few.

Some of us wonder if it’s cool to even sport a pocket. The answer is yes, it’s all about our personal choice.

Shirts with a pocket are inherently considered a little more casual. So a pocketed shirt is a good choice if you find yourself in a more relaxed setting—like an afternoon in the park or at your neighbor’s place for dining.

A shirt for black tie, white tie or a dress shirt should never have a pocket on it. But on the other hand a formal shirt over for office or a sport shirt should always have a pocket on it.

Formal shirts in the UK are typically dressier than their American counterparts in many other ways: poplin versus pinpoint, double cuffs versus button cuffs, spread and cutaway collars versus point and button-down collars. In the UK, a shirt with double cuffs never has a pocket, though some makers put pockets on their button-cuff shirts.

Always sport a slim fit shirt without pocket underneath your blazer or jacket, as the pocket in the blazer or jacket are there to be used. And if a man is not wearing a blazer or a jacket then a sport shirt is usually appropriate.

Let us share with you a guide on how to dress shirt with or without pocket:

There are really only two definite reasons for opting for a formal dress shirt with pockets in the modern day. The first reason being that you want to dress smart without looking overly formal, so you wear a dress shirt with a pocket which adds that casual aspect. Sports shirts as well as military shirts have a patch pocket which may also be worn to smart-casual events.

Otherwise, you may want to wear a dress shirt to work. In that case, a dress shirt with a pocket increases practicality, especially in summer when you are less likely to wear a jacket to work and so the pocket may actually be of use.

As mentioned before, a designer mens shirts with no pocket is evidently more formal and, similarly, the more high-end or corporate your job is the more likely it is that you wear a dress shirt with a suit and no pocket. Besides, a pocket would be covered by a blazer anyway during meetings or conferences.

The dress shirt easily falls into the category of one of the staple pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s an item that can be dressed either up or down depending on the setting, whether it’s work or just chilling at the pub. Interestingly, it’s the presence or absence of a pocket that is often the indicator of how casual or formal the dress shirt is.

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