Get Inked Foolproof- 7 Tattoo And Piercing Pointers to Keep in Mind

Most of us have gone through the phase of life where we felt this urge to get inked or to flaunt a piercing in style. Tattoos and body piercings make up for a very bold statement. For a budding tattoo artist, the world is wide open today with the clientele ever increasing. Though everything looks hunky-dory in the tattoo studio, problems may start surfacing once the client leaves the studio. So guard up with the right insurance before you set out on the business of self-exploration and art!

Few Pointers on Tattoo and Piercing Insurance

It is important to frame a customized insurance suiting your shop and trade. A combined Profession Insurance Policy for both tattooing and body piercing is available for no added premiums. But be wary, as the tattoo and the piercing business is much riskier and also has some prejudice and negative connotations attached to it. Keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Loss/Damage to studio equipment –An “occurrence form” dictates the coverage policy in case of damage to property, which practically extends to a lifetime. Only condition is that the client should be in the studio while the damage occurs. Equipment coverage is given for mobile operations.
  2. Taking the client’s prior consent on a form can avoid the entire costly Professional Liability Insurance claims that may come to haunt you later. Also retention of these forms is crucial by the artist. Do confirm the period up to which you have to retain the forms and also when it can be declared void in a court of law.
  3. Treatment risk Insurance- Injury caused to the client while tattooing or piercing or any infection occurring post it. Be protected against suits alleging spread of communicable diseases like HIV, Mycobacterium etc.
  4. The artists only need 3 years of experience or certificates of training to avail insurance. Even apprentice artists working with mentors are covered.
  5. Also in a business where after-care is very important, most insurance agencies ask of body art companies like tattoo and piercing to sign after-care consent forms from their clients.
  6. The copyright and design infringement coverage should also be gone through, in detail with your specific insure. This is a crucial piece of information that highlights the uniqueness and integrity of your trade and also safeguards it against plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction.
  7. Include Minor Consent if you accidently pierce or tattoo a minor without parental consent.

Don’t let the intricacies of insurance or the risks of the trade deter you from following your passion for tatoos . Click Here to find out how to get the right insurance for your tattoo and body- piercing business.

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