Few Favorite Design Trends In Dressing Up Your Bridesmaid

Once you get the group of girls ready to bet at your wedding as your best girls or bridesmaid, the next nerve-wracking decision that you have left on your plate is choosing a dress for them. Opinions, debates, flipping through fashion sites and magazines, deciding on a budget, choosing colors, styles, the hurdles are numerous.

In this article, we have gathered together few latest trends in bridesmaid dresses that will help you to choose from and make things a little easier for you.

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White Lace

Things can never go wrong with white neither with lace. Make your besties look classy, elegant and chic with white lace dresses. The part that you can play with is the length. If you want a formal look, opt for long gowns and preferably dresses that reach below the calf length. For less formal looks, you can make the girls look cute with shorter dresses. You can also cut through the monotony by changing the textures. Choose from satin, silk, chiffon or velvet for the richer feel. If you want a more casual look, try inducing small floral prints on the white background and make the girls chirp at a spring wedding.

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Subtle variations in shades of a particular color can create a dazzling effect at a wedding. Choose the romance of purple or the depth of blue, be it cheerfulness of yellow or the cuteness of pink. Use the luxury of silk or the sheerness of chiffon, and play with the shades. It will have a harmonious feel yet provide a variance to make the girls stand out from the crowd.


A little shimmer here and there or everywhere is bound to make the girls shine on your D-Day. Get the body of their gowns closely fitted with sequins to create a rustic yet metallic effect. If you are planning a day wedding, you can choose copper and bronze colored sequins for a sober look. The golden and silver sequins can glamorize up even the simplest dresses for an evening event. If you are on a budget, you can get cheap bridesmaid dresses from a reliable store and add on the sequins to add glamor to the dresses. Hombre sequined dresses or gowns also look brilliant for the bridesmaid.

Two-piece sets:

These are a rage these days. Easy to achieve and with the largest available options, separates that are coordinated, look best on the giggling set of girls. You can get identical sets for each of them or try to keep at least one piece of the set same. Coordinate with a bold and a soft color and add brilliance to your wedding.


If this solid color is your preference, try dressing up your bridesmaid in it. All you need to keep in mind is you need to break the monotony with texture, layers and length. Black is always chic, trendy and elegant if worn well. They can be allowed to splash on some colors with their accessories and shoes. Black, like white, can never go wrong, if used correctly and can add some definite glamor to a party. Another benefit of choosing black dresses for your bridesmaid is that they can wear it on any other occasion, whenever and wherever.


Floral prints are much preferred at a spring, summer or a Day wedding. Bright paisley prints on white with plenty of lace, or in pastel shades look comfortable yet bright on bridesmaid and are easy to shop for.


Mismatched dresses are becoming quite popular these days. If you are deciding on mismatched dresses for your bridesmaid, decide on a particular point where you should be uniform, preferably the length or the color. It gives the girls a freedom of choosing whatever they like wearing and apparels that matches their shape or personality and can be worn anywhere else too.


Jane a wedding planner, shares some of her insights about the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses and incorporating best ways to make cheap bridesmaid dresses look best and fit for the occasion.

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