Exercise with Elliptical Trainers – Perfect for Your Pregnancy!

Pregnancy needs the proper care of health and body. If you are not active throughout your pregnancy, complications may arrive. On the other hand, heavy or excessive exercising is also harmful to your pregnancy. Are these restrictions confusing you? Do you know which exercises are good and which not?

In this article, we will talk about elliptical training. The elliptical is a light exercise, performed with fitness equipment. It is absolutely healthy for your health and baby during the pregnancy. Along with toning your muscles and burning calories, it can leave many good impacts on your body.

What is Elliptical?

If you want a healthy pregnancy while staying active and fit, elliptical is perfect exercise to partner you. In this exercise, you will be stimulating the normal fitness sequences, e.g. running, stair climbing and walking. As it puts no extra pressure on abdomen or joints, it is safe to do. Also, there are lesser chances of injuries as you perform all the exercises indoors, in a controlled environment.

What Makes Elliptical the Best Exercise for Your Pregnancy?

For balancing weight, which may increase at an unexpected rate during pregnancy, low impact exercises can only help. If you are going to stress yourself out with high impact exercises, you will actually endanger yourself and your unborn baby.

Elliptical is an easy and effective exercise. If you have joint pain, there is nothing to worry about. Beside the other exercises, it needs lesser time and effort.

Advice of Performing Elliptical Training

No matter how easy or safe these exercises are, pregnancy needs precaution. Here are some advices, which can be considered –

  • Consult your doctor before starting.
  • Do it indoors. Indoor temperature and controllable environment are two most suitable conditions for you while doing elliptical. Also, it is comfortable and safe to exercise at home than going outdoors.

How is Elliptical trainer good for pregnant women?

  • Safe for baby

Strenuous exercises during pregnancy are harmful to thebaby and mother. Low impact exercisesare safe as they don’t need you to go through any vigorous workout. Elliptical training matches this condition very well.

  • Weight management

Pregnancy is a complicated situation.If you’ll weigh too much weight at an early stage of pregnancy, it will create complications in delivery. Post the delivery, shedding this extra weight will be the real problem.

As elliptical equipment provides an easy way of weight management throughout the pregnancy, it is a must-do exercise for your fitness.

  • Pain management

If you are irregular to gym or exercise schedule, it’s not a trouble at all. But if you are new to exercising, muscles and body may pain in the beginning.

However, above condition is true for many exercises but it’s not the case with elliptical. You can easily exercise without worrying about pain or swelling. Apart from these awesome qualities, it also relieves back pain, varicose vein, leg cramps and other common problems of pregnancy.

  • Prepare you for labor

Elliptical makes your pelvic bone stronger. It also helps you attain higher stamina, eventually decreasing your stress level.

  • Mental stability

According to a survey, women doing elliptical have the higher level of emotional stability. They have lesser stress than others. It is because – the elliptical results in healthy body and mind. Resulting in a sound sleep, it also decreases labor pain and encourages mental calmness.

How to use it?

It is pretty easy to perform these exercises. If you don’t know how then here are some points to ponder –

  • Do these workouts three times a week.
  • Properly hold handlebars during exercise.
  • Stand on large pedals.
  • Move your legs.
  • Maintain right posture.(check precautions below)
  • Different manufacturers design different types of elliptical machines. Handlebar may or may not move, according to the model of your machine. But you should continuously move your feet.
  • Slowly increase your pace. It will result in increasing heartbeats. Keep it in mind that your heart’s beating rate should remain under 140. Take a break if you are about to touch this limit.

Elliptical machine

There are different types of elliptical machines, available in the market as enlisted –

  • Stationary handlebar
  • Moving handlebar
  • Computerized

You will be able to monitorthe speed, weight and calories burnt during the workout. It will help in maintaining the right values for every of these mentioned parameters.


  • Consult your doctor before trying any exercise, whether it is elliptical or treadmill.Confirm that is not harmful to your baby and you.
  • Do it for 10-15 minutes every day.
  • Stop doing exercise whenever you will feel light-headedness, bleeding from the vagina, or water discharge.
  • Hold handlebars properly throughout the exercise period.
  • Pregnant women should not move or shift elliptical machine.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Wear the clothes which are comfortable and loose.


  • Stay hydrated

Before going for elliptical, make sure that your body is properly hydrated.

When you exercise, the heart tries pumping more blood to the muscles. But if there is no enough water in the body, blood volume and blood pressure will decrease suddenly. So, you may suffer blurred eyesight, weakness, tiredness, and dizziness due to the same.

  • Warm up

Warm up is necessary before you start any exercise.It increases your resistance and gives you more stamina. Never forget to warm up yourself before you begin any workout. You can simply walk for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Start at a slow pace

It’s very important to exercise carefully when you are new to it.Start at a slower pace in beginning. After a few days, increase your speed slowly.Take proper rest after finishing the exercise.

  • Heart rate

Over-doing anything has its own drawbacks and so the elliptical training.So, always keep a check on your heartbeats.For body’s proper functioning, it should be below 140.Crossing140 will bedangerous.Use the modern heartbeat measuring gadgets while doing such workouts.

  • Maintain your posture

Before starting elliptical, keep your back straight.If you are not in proper alignment, you may get stiffness or pain. So, keep your shoulders straight.

  • Stretching

Make your body more flexible by stretching before heading towards elliptical.It will make your musclesfirmer, increasing circulation of blood in your body.

Here’s When You Should Worry!

  • If the discomforts like dizziness, nausea, increased heart beat, abdominal pain or bleeding are disturbing you then stop exercising and contact your doctor immediately.
  • Stay precautious about the duration and efforts. Never over-do elliptical.

The Conclusion

Elliptical trainers are perfect exercise partners for the expecting women as they need light-weight workouts to stay fit. So, just follow above advice and your doctor’s advice to get all the benefits of this amazing training.

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