Equipment Of A Wedding DJ That Are A Must!

In the past, a DJ was some who had a great collection of records and played them for the guests. However, the role of a Kelowna wedding disc jockey changed immensely and there are many roles that he is undertaking. Now, a DJ must play songs, perform Karaoke, entertain the guests, introduce big events, etc. and has become an all-round performer. As a result, the equipment used by the disc jockeys has also changed over the years. Initially, it was the use of vinyl records; now, there are many changes ranging from discs to computers to latest technologies. There are some equipment that have become quintessential for disc jockeys and one must observe whether a wedding DJ offers them or not before hiring:


Turntables are also called as record players and the popular brands are Sony, Jensen and Crossly. They are preliminary requisite for a disc jockey and they play the vinyl records as everyone knows. Although, they are gradually being replaced by technological innovations many DJs prefer using them to hand mix the tracks and provide that authentic disc jockey production to the event. The wedding DJs of Airwaves DJ Vancouver Company are quite capable in utilizing the turntables to mix and produce great tracks based on the mood.

Compact Disc Players

These come in various sizes, shapes and features. They can be either very costly to have or can serve as a back up to the turntables. It all depends on the interest of the wedding DJs Kelowna. These are preferred mainly due to the fact that the performer can have more control and can change from one end to another in an instant. It is not hard to master the technology of CD players; hence, many prefer their use.


The signature style of a DJ one would always expect is performing some scratching and mixing. No matter how many changes come, a Kelowna wedding disc jockey is always expected to mix well. By keeping in view this fact many major companies produced high-end mixers that give the optimal results for the professional DJ. The experience of a wedding DJ can be observed through his mastery over the mixer. The main companies that produce remarkable mixers are Pioneer, Rane, Vestax and Denon. So, if an individual looking to hire a DJ knows that he is using any of the brands then it is a confirmation that the wedding DJ is a pro.

Tape Decks

They are not the traditional tapes that people used to know and have transformed into the most high tech equipments the DJ world has ever seen. Tape Decks help the wedding DJ to put some creativity to the tracks and become noticeable among the competition.


The most important accessory for wedding DJs Kelowna is no doubt a headphone. The headphones help the DJ to listen to every sound clearly while mixing, which in turn helps in a great output. There are many other accessories that a DJ can have and the market offers direct DJ sets that comprise of all the equipment required.

Next time, while looking to hire a wedding DJ ask a lot of questions about the kind of equipment used by the individual. The type of equipment can help to determine the authenticity of the DJ.

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