How To Dress For The Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again, the office Christmas party. The most formal and informal event ever, with struggles on how to dress appropriately it’s easy to fall into the habit to start panicking. It is extremely important to find out the dress code, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake dressing up as Santa to a black tie Christmas party.

Formal Events

Black tie events are always exciting to dress up for, it’s your chance to pretend to be James Bond and pull out the tuxedo that’s been sitting in your closet. But as they tend to be quite pricey we’ve found the affordable way to still look sleek and classic. Opt for an oxford shirt, slim smart trousers, leather oxford brogues and finally either a black dickie bow or a skinny black tie of your choice. I recommend sticking to more traditional colours like black or navy blue for more of an elegant and clean approach.

Party Wear

I always get rather excited when somebody tells me the dress code is smart casual, it just means I can pretty much mix and match my favourite smart and casual clothes but now, so can you! Opt for a patterned shirt and some slim fit chinos for a funky festive look. Try switching to an oxford shirt and light blue jeans for another smart casual piece. Paired with comfortable white trainers or brown loafers.Wood Wood is the perfect brand for this as they have a sleek and minimalistic style.

Themed Parties

Dressing up for parties gives you the chance to bring out your inner child, aside from your obvious festive ideas like being the next Santa or elf you can also find your creative side. Anything from your favourite superhero to a character from your favourite film. Dress up parties are extremely amusing and will definitely bring out your funnier side when you dig deep for that dream outfit. The warning is advised that this a work party so remember to dress appropriately.

Dinner Parties

There is nothing I love more than free food with lively conversations and drinks flowing. Many dinner parties never require a dress code which means you have the freedom to dress how you want. What a dream. A party is still a party so I would recommend sticking to the casual side. In my opinion, the very best men’s casual dress code would have to be slim fit jeans paired with a t-shirt for a comfortable finish. Due to the chilly weather, I would recommend wrapping up warm with a knitted sweatshirt for optimum comfortability. Finish with a pair of trainers or smart shoes of your choice.

On that note, always remember that every work event is different so feel free to experiment and tweak those outfits a bit to suit your needs. Make sure you have fun with your colleagues but to also be on your best behaviour to avoid those Monday morning stories in the office.

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