Do’s And Don’ts Of Perfect Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup has always been priority concern for brides. Even after going through trials and all the good images, brides seem extra conscious of their beauty on their wedding day. While there are no proves whether it’s the makeup or the dress that turned a wedding day into a disaster, most of the brides blame poor makeup services for a bad wedding-day experience.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to bridal makeup, but mmf beauty suggest you should not go out of your skin and get something that you don’t deserve. For breathtaking ideas and makeup services, mmf beauty listings offer some great profiles so that you look more than beautiful on a big day.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Makeup

Do A Makeup Trial

Make up trial is very important for brides. You must have a trial at least three weeks ahead of the special day. For those who plan on getting fake tan, should test run before the trial, so, that the makeup artists can see your skin’s color.

Don’t Test Under Fluorescent Lights

Don’t test your makeup on a place that has overhead fluorescent lights. Arrange a session with your makeup artist in day time, so that you can observe the makeup in daylight.

Do Wear White T-Shirt

Most professionals in Make Me Fabulous directory suggest white t-shirt as good option to wear for makeup trial, if you’re trying it in a store. You can find out how the make-up turns out with pale color. Do take a snap without flash, in sunlight. It’s just to make sure, you make the right purchase.

Don’t Be A School Kid

Don’t take all the suggestions from your makeup artists. That’s because, he or she doesn’t know how you really like to look and how other people want to see you.

Do Brighten Up Your Eyes

Brighten up your eyes. Remove any darkness under your eyes with the help of concealer or corrector. It will emphasize them and will help your makeup artist chose perfect match.

Don’t Apply Too Much Shades

Don’t make your eyes appear too dark. Instead of applying shades, a color crease will define your eyes perfectly.

Do Have a Picture In Mind

If you have a picture in mind, share it. Bring references to make the job easier. Look for pictures and identify the good things you want to apply on yourself. It will save time you would have spent on bridal portfolios at the parlor.

Don’t Become A Doll

Don’t put heavy base. Instead, use blotting powder or translucent powder. Remember, most of the photography will be in the sunlight.

Do Use Colors

Professional artists at mmf beauty suggest that makeup should have colors to compensate the whiteness of wedding dress. Your makeup should be different, like your dress is different for the special occasion. If your skin is smooth and even, you can add colors on your lips and cheeks to glow them

Don’t Ignore Other Body Parts

Don’t focus on your face only. Apply the make up to your neck and shoulder as well.

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