Can You Eat Sweet Potatoes On Leaky Gut Diet?

A leaky gut is one such condition that has no particular test to prove it. However there are several other tests that determine whether your intestine is permeable or not. One of the major reasons behind this lack of adequate test is that leaky gut syndrome is not recognized as a necessary medical condition. It is now making great progress by identifying it as one. The name for it is intestinal permeability. It is indeed a grave condition and can become fatal after some time.  Now there are even leaky gut tests to prove the presence of the disorder in the body.

One of major difficulties of detecting a leaky gut in the body is that there is not one reason for its cause. There are varieties of causes for leaky gut and each person has his own reason for developing a leaky gut. At the most one can hope that intestinal permeability is diagnosed based on the lab tests done due to certain common and well-known symptoms. There is no consistent requirement for the tests that are conducted. Each of them has a different requirement. Some of them might want you to avoid certain food before testing while some may require you to fast all together to check if there are any allergies.

Ways to check yourself

There are several ways to check for yourself whether you have the disorder or not. Breath test is the most common test of all. It checks whether there methane and hydrogen gases present in the breath. If they are present in a large amount then you certainly have a leaky gut. Stool tests are also quite popular but they do not really serve any purpose. There are certain bacteria and microbes that do not end up in stool so their presence cannot be detected easily. This test is used more as an indicator than as proof.

There are many things the doctor advises the patient not to consume while suffering from leaky gut disorder. One of the nutrients that is usually asked to be avoided is starch. In fact if you really are in a bad state and had been consuming a lot of starch items recently then it is better to avoid such food for a few days. Otherwise the gut will take time to heal. However begin to consume starch as soon as you are healed. It would help you to pinpoint the origin of the problem.

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