How To Acquire A Weapon And A Permission To Buy It


Are you thinking about buying a gun? Well, the first thing you need to know about is that before you can buy a gun you need to submit a request for a license that should be issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. www.herooutdoors wants to explain you how you can acquire a license to own a gun or any other kind of weapon.

Also, in order to have a gun you will first need to learn how to use it.

Instructors from hunting and firing companies are offering training in handling weapons.

There are so many instructors from hunting and firing companies who conduct training in using weapons, its carrying and storage. Anyone who wants to get an approval for the purchase of weapons must undergo training. For successful completion of the course you will receive a license, which can then be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to get a license for possessing weapons. The lecturers and instructors from hunting and shooting companies are chosen through a public announcement. These are some of the amendments provided for them in the Law on Weapons.

For this purpose, the complete categorization of weapons, would eliminate the problems that are happening every day that involve the misuse of weapons. Problems happenwhen a person leaves the country they live inand take their weapons with them.

The thing is that there is be no national catalog in which we can record all kinds of weapons and ammunition. Given the fact that lots of countriesare not producer of weapons, there is no need for such a catalog. Such a practice exists in Italy and Germany, which are major weapons producers.

One of the major changes that will start soon, is that the old licenses for weapons willnow be replaced automatically. So far, at the expiry of the licenses, it was necessary to meet certain conditions before continuing the license for possessing weapons, but this was challenged by the Constitutional Court.If someone once received a license for possessing weapons and met the requirements, there is no need to reconsider that decision. What do you think about this? Is it fair?

Otherwise, anyone who wants to get a license for possessing weapons, needs to meet several conditions and they must not have been convicted, to have a specific medical certificate that they are healthy and able to handle weapons, not violated public order and peace, i.e.has no charges and has a proof that they are capable of handling weapons. The request is submitted to the regional units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to the place of residence, and pay a certain fee for it depending on the type of weapon. The Law also provides three types of licenses: a license for weapons that can be acquired by every interested citizen, permission for possession which relates to legal persons, and permission to carry received by security guards.

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